A healthy gut by Tanya Alberts

A healthy gut leads to a healthy you…

*All diseases start in the gut – Hippocrates

*Heal your digestive system to restore your body and renew your mind – Dr Don Colbert MD – Healthy Gut Zone

What is your gut?

Your gut is an organ that is involved with digestion and absorption. To help manage your overall health and achieve a healthy body weight you need to keep your gut healthy.

Why does your gut matter?

A healthy gut also contributes to a strong immune system, a healthy heart, brain health, improved mood, healthy sleep as well as effective digestion and it may help prevent some cancers and autoimmune diseases.

Many of us struggle with losing weight and can’t always understand why others can lose weight so easily. When our gut is healthy, one can positively contribute to our weight loss efforts and achieve the following:

– Control of your appetite

– Feel lighter and more energetic

-Improve your mood

-Burn fat



What keeps the gut healthy?

Your gut consists of an army of bacteria (microbes) that live in harmony in a healthy gut. Gut microbes may help us to maintain a healthy body and even hold the answers to why some of us struggle more with weight loss than others.

The more diverse our gut soldiers, the better for our health, wellbeing and weight loss results.

What happens if your gut bugs are not balanced?

When your gut bugs are out of balance this means you have more bad bugs than good ones and this can lead to dysbiosis. Dysbiosis is an imbalance of microbes and may contribute to weight gain, high blood sugar, high cholesterol and other disorders.


3 Basic tips we need to remember for achieving a healthy gut microbiome

-Increase your diversity in plant rich foods:

Different coloured plant foods give different types of bacteria. By putting more colours into your diet – consisting of a wide variety of whole foods, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains – you can achieve a diverse microbial community in your gut.

-Stay hydrated:

We all know we need to drink more water. Upping your fluid intake can help get things moving in your gut;  this is especially important when you improve your fibre intake  – which will happen when you start increasing your plant food intake.

-Get enough sleep:

Make sure to slumber with enough ZZZ’s at night by getting 7 – 9 hours of sleep and ensure that you go to bed at the same time most nights to help set your circadian rhythm.

The Next Step

Once you have implemented the 3 basic tips and you are still struggling to lose weight or experience symptoms of abdominal discomfort, please make sure to consult your doctor and/or dietician to assist with the correct treatment plan.

The Goddess Factor® Addendum

Consider these facts from Healthy Gut Zone by Dr Don Colbert

  • We all have two primary phyla of microbes in our gut: Firmicutes (F) and Bacteroidetes (B). Excessive Firmicutes make us fat and Bacteroidetes help us stay lean. Your body needs the proper F/B ratio!
  • Microbial health is one of the factors that determines who survives potentially deadly viruses. The very young, whose microbiome is still developing and the very old, who have fewer microbial species and less diversity, tend to be the most vulnerable.
  • Your gut wall uses about 40% of your total body energy expenditure, whereas the brain uses only 20%. The gut wall is a busy place and vitally important to your health!
  • Weight gain is one of the most common side effects of a leaky gut.
  • Increasing certain good bacteria in the gut can help you lose weight.


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