TEENAGE & ADULT ACNE by Dr Robert Gobac M.D.

What is Adult Acne?

Adult acne is an adverse condition resulting from inflamed and infected sebaceous (oil) glands that affects women and men equally at any age.

How does it develop?

The condition develops due to blocked ducts (pores) of sebaceous glands that cause sebum retention, inflammation of the affected gland and surrounding area and bacterial infection that is present on the surface of the skin. Blackheads are the beginning of the problem; they are composed of sebum, bacteria and dead skin cells that turn black in colour when exposed to oxygen.

What causes the condition?

The condition can affect a person at any stage of adult life, but severe stress, hormonal changes; too many male hormones or an imbalance between testosterone and oestrogen levels for instance during pregnancy or menopause, can cause this condition.

Certain medications like contraceptives can also cause acne to flare up.
Foods containing too much fat can exacerbate acne. Chocolate, fried foods and sweets do not cause adult acne per se, but can change the chemical and protective characteristics of the skin and affect the sebum in the skin. In this way, these foods can precipitate acne development. Staying away from these foods will not cure adult acne, but it will improve the chances of diminishing it.

It is important to see a GP or Endocrinologist to check your hormone levels and treat any imbalances as soon as possible.

What causes the condition

Should I squeeze break-outs?

Acne that is very inflamed and infected should not be tampered with, but rather treated by a professional. The infection can easily spread and cause very significant and even dangerous health problems, as well as permanent scarring.

Optimum Hygiene is very important

Topically, it is very important to maintain good hygiene of the affected skin. Hands also need to be kept clean. On average, an adult person will touch their face a few hundred times per day! So washing ones hands regularly should become second nature.

How sensitive is Adult skin?

Adult skin is much more sensitive than teenage skin. It is certainly also much drier. Therefore it is very important not to use aggressive cleaning products that will dry the skin further. Often, dry skin will produce more sebum to increase its oil layer and that will create ideal grounds for development of new acne.

How do I clean Acne skin?

Ph or acidity level of the skin’s surface is slightly acidic in normal circumstances and it is important to maintain that at all times. Alkaline soaps or any other type of soap should not be used. As mentioned earlier, some foods can decrease skin surface acidity and allow “acne causing” bacteria to thrive. Thus, a mild wash, like Dr Gobac Wash TX for problem skin, combined with warm, not hot water, should be used 2 to 3 times per day, depending on exposure to external pollution.

How do I clean Acne skin

Should I moisturise oily & acne prone skin?

Regular use of a well formulated moisturising cream like Dr Gobac Day & Night TX is essential to keep the skin well moisturised and perfectly balanced to prevent development of further adult acne.

Can I use a Masque?

A masque, like Dr Gobac Masque TX gently removes dead keratinised skin cells and hydrates the skin. Use 1 – 2 times per week.

Can I use a Masque

How do I control acne breakouts?

Instead of using anti-biotics, our Dr Gobac Spot TX controls and targets oily zones and breakouts and improves healing and pigmentation. It contains natural antimicrobial agents and is excellent for already-developed acne.

Will regular skin treatment facials help to curb Adult Acne?

Having regular Dr Gobac TX Facials will help to calm, clear and heal breakouts and blemishes. It complements the TX Skincare range that is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory. It offers a non-aggressive solution to problem skin.

What more can I do to prevent and control Adult Acne onset?

A balanced diet, control of stress levels and sufficient sleep are further important regimes that will prevent the formation of and help cure acne. If suffering with chronic acne at any stage of life, a visitation to a medical salon, like Dr Gobac Skin Body Apothecary in Sandton or The Goddess Factor Advanced Aesthetics in Midrand, is essential for good and effective management of this unpleasant and potentially health-hazardous condition.

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