Cellulite Reduction – The Goddess Factor has a Solution!

Cellulite is the bane of many women’s lives. Men don’t have it, because their tissue structure is different to ours. The main culprit for this condition is the female hormone, Estrogen.  It activates the fibroblasts* that in turn act on the collagenase, an enzyme that breaks down collagen.  This collagen then breaks down and weakens, allowing the fat cells to expand.  Ultimately it results in a decrease in blood and lymph flow, which is equal to dysfunction of the skin in the affected area.

*Fibroblasts are the most common cells of connective tissue in skin and play a critical role in wound healing.

Also called orange-peel skin or cottage cheese effect, because of the distinct dimpled pattern, both thin and over-weight women can get cellulite.

At The Goddess Factor we do have a solution to this unsightly problem though!

Cellulite reduction

We begin with a gentle manual lymph drainage manipulation or MLD, rather than a massage, to detoxify the body. This is a technique developed in Germany for treatment of lymphoedema which is an accumulation of fluid. MLD uses very light pressure to stimulate the lymph vessels that lie just beneath the skin.  It is an important technique for moving lymph fluid out of the congested area and back into circulation in the body.

To enhance and strengthen the effects of MLD, we combine the treatment with cutting edge Safyre Radio Frequency (RF) technology.

RF is a relaxing and very effective electromagnetic current that rejuvenates, firms and retexturises skin whilst stimulating both collagen and elastin synthesis in the fibroblasts, causing retraction or shrinkage in the skin. The resultant heat and pressure break down fat cells in cellulite and stimulates the blood circulation, resulting in increased lymph drainage and cellulite reduction.

We recommend twice weekly combination treatments initially and then bi-monthly or monthly, depending on the severity of the problem areas and the individual’s needs.

Home-care is critical to ensure lasting results

Simple dry brushing with a body brush is one of the most effective methods to alleviate cellulite – see graphic below. Always brush upwards, towards the heart – so as not to disturb circulation – for a few minutes on each area. Follow up with Patricia Clarke Anti-Cellulite Gel, a powerful formulation of diuretic herb & plant extracts and liposomes that tightens and firms and is a tried and tested highly effective product in the battle to reduce cellulite.  Available at The Goddess Factor Advanced Aesthetics.

How to dry brush

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