What is Cooltech® Fat Freeze?

Cooltech® Fat Freeze targets stubborn fat pockets or bulky areas that are hard to reduce even with rigid exercise.

It rapidly and non-invasively causes fat cell death, sculpting the body you desire.

It is a pain-free process called Adipolysis-assisted Fat Freezing where the fat cells are destroyed and die off permanently. It is also known as Cryo-lipolysis, a controlled cooling method used to target fat cells in localised fat pockets or bulky fat deposits in order to reshape body contours and reduce centimetres.

Cooltech® Fat Freeze is CE approved

It is one of only 2 devices in the world approved by the CE, the European Declaration of Conformity and is registered with the SA Medical Council under Licence nr. 663/22582.

What is the difference between Cooltech® Fat Freeze and Liposuction?

With Cooltech® Fat Freeze the fat cells in the targeted area/s die off and are permanently removed through the lymphatic system. The procedure requires no anaesthetic, is safe, pain-free, non-invasive, non-surgical, requires no downtime and leaves no scarring. It does not have to be performed by a medical practitioner, but can be executed by trained Medical Aesthetic Therapists/Clinicians.

With traditional liposuction, the procedure requires either general or local anaesthetic or conscious sedation. It is invasive and basically a surgical procedure, because it can only be performed by a medical practitioner. The probes that are inserted make holes and leave permanent scars on the body. The downside to this procedure is the fact that the fat cells are only temporarily removed and people often talk of “the fat having gone elsewhere or having come back.” The operation is also quite risky; if too much fluid is extracted, results can be fatal.

How does the Cooltech® Fat Freeze procedure work?

The Cooltech® Fat Freeze procedure reduces fat tissue using a controlled cooling system. As it is a non-surgical treatment, there are no associated risks and the treatment is easy, safe, and effective and has no down-time.

Two areas can be treated simultaneously e.g. both sides of the abdomen, both arms etc. Protective gel pads are placed over the areas to be treated. The hand pieces suction the chosen areas, creating a vacuum effect that reduces blood flow momentarily, cooling the fat tissue to -8°C, thus causing cell death.

The fat cells in the treated areas are gradually eliminated through the lymphatic system by the body’s usual metabolic process. This normally takes about 40 days or ±6 weeks.

Complimentary consultations with our Clinicians

It is important to come for a free consultation so that we can assess your area/s of concern, explain the procedure first hand and answer any questions you may have about Cooltech® Fat Freeze treatments.

You will also be measured with a caliper to ascertain that there is a minimum of 1 – 2cm fatty area to be gripped and suctioned by the handles. The caliper reading is entered into the Cooltech® Fat Freeze device to control the treatment.

It is vital for the The Goddess Factor® Advanced Aesthetics Clinic to understand your expectations.

This is a discreet consultation in an Aesthetics Clinic with the location quoted as being set in “heavenly privacy!”

What happens at the actual treatment session?

Once the treatment area has been identified and marked and you’ve been made comfortable on the bed, the Clinician will apply a cooling pad or cloth membrane covered with cooling gel over the area, to protect the skin.

The Cooltech® Fat Freeze handle is positioned on the treatment area, on top of the gel cooling pad. The handle, also known as a paddle, will slowly increase in suction, manoeuvring the fat pocket up into the handle. Once the suctioning is complete the handle will stay in place by itself or may be supported by a towel or pillow, depending on the treatment area, to make the experience as comfortable as possible for you.

The Clinician will monitor the readings on the Cooltech® Fat Freeze screen for temperature, pressure and duration. The temperature will take a few minutes to decrease to -8° Celsius, at which stage the fat starts to freeze.

You can relax, fall asleep, read a book or work on your laptop. At The Goddess Factor® we offer head, hand or foot rubs whilst you have your fat frozen! We can also do manicures or pedicures.

Post treatment

Once the treatment has been completed, the handle will be removed. The frozen area will be elevated, so the Clinician will lightly massage the area to restore circulation and apply a hot pad to assist the process. The cooling gel will be wiped off.

The frozen fat cells would have died and your body will remove them in the same way it rids itself of any waste.

After-care at home

On the day of the treatment, we suggest you do not take too hot a bath or shower. You may apply Arnica oil to the treated area if there is some bruising or numbness and you can use our Bexters Bath Crystals to sooth and relax your body. From the 2nd day we recommend you apply our Patricia Clarke Cellulite Gel, to help speed up the process and smooth the skin on the treated area/s.

Helpful tips to maintain the results on your fat frozen areas

As with any procedures of this kind, it is advisable to lead a healthy lifestyle, which should include the following:

  • Drink 6 – 8 glasses of water a day to keep your hydration levels up.
  • A lifestyle eating plan of protein, vegetables and fruit with low carbohydrates, sugar & alcohol is advisable.
  • Low impact exercise like swimming, cycling, walking, yoga and pilates are good to maintain your shape.
  • The Goddess Factor® Health Coach, Lizzie Cambanos can be contacted at lizziewellness@gmail.com. Find out more about her successful American based Wellness & Nutrition programme and how this can complement the Cooltech® Fat Freeze regime.


Which areas can be treated?

Abdomen * Love handles * Muffin tops * Arms * Inner & Outer Thighs * Back Rolls or Bra Folds * Inner & Outer Knees * Buttocks

How many sessions will I need?

3 Treatments per area/s, ±6 weeks apart.

How long does a treatment last?

A treatment lasts ±70 minutes.

Is there any downtime or recovery process?

No, clients can immediately resume their activities. There is no down-time as the procedure is non-surgical.

Everybody’s tissue structure and bodies are different, so whilst some may be a little red, others may have minimal bruising, slight swelling or numbness of the treated area. All of these symptoms will dissipate soon.

Can more than one area be treated in one session?

2 Separate areas can be treated back to back, if your time allows. It means it will take just over 2 hours to perform the treatments on 2 areas, e.g. abdomen & love handles or abdomen & arms etc. Only 2 areas of the body can be treated on one day.

Is the procedure uncomfortable or painful?

The first 5 minutes may be slightly uncomfortable as the fat is being suctioned, but once the area has frozen; there is no sensation of pain or discomfort.

When will results be visible?

After only one session results of approximately 20% reduction in the treated area should be visible after 2 weeks.

More noticeable results are achieved after 12 weeks, i.e. after the 2nd session.

Optimal results are achieved once the 3rd session and full programme has been completed.

What is Cooltech® Fat Freeze contra-indicated for?

Under-active Thyroid conditions such as Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and also Reynaud’s Disease.

People with either of these conditions are not able to excrete fat cells the way anyone with a normal metabolism does.*

*Please speak to us about our Safyre Radio Frequency treatments that lift, firm and tighten and reduce cellulite & centimetres.

What is the cost of the programme?
  • Cost per individual session @ R4395 x 3 = R13,185.00 when paying per treatment.
  • We recommend a package of 3 @ R9895.
  • 2nd & 3rd Areas @ R7695 for 3 sessions.
So why should you choose Cooltech® Fat Freeze?
  • It is non-invasive, non-surgical, pain-free and has no down-time.
  • There is no scarring or possibility of damaging organs or worse.
  • It is safe post-pregnancy or post-operations, within a specified time period.
  • It is for both men and women above 18 years of age.
  • It is a quick and effective fat pocket & centimetre reduction method, with results visible within two weeks from the first session.


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