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Dr. Robert Gobac, Pathologist, Medical Doctor and Naturopath/Integrative Health Practitioner, created and developed DR. GOBAC® COSMECEUTICALS. This range of advanced and scientifically researched anti-aging products is formulated to protect and nurture the skin whilst stimulating its own rejuvenation and repair mechanisms.
He believes there are only two skin types – healthy and unhealthy skin.
Dr Gobac’s non-invasive approach to cosmetic technology ensures effectivedelivery of key ingredients to the deeper layers of the skin for optimal stimulation.
The range is known for its use of the ingredient 10-hexapeptide that creates increased firmness, improved elasticity and vitality of the skin as well as visibly reduced lines and wrinkles. With the intelligent use of polypeptides, it is possible to “wake up” and boostcollagen repair mechanisms. This slows down and even reverses the process of skin aging, says Dr Gobac.
Dr Gobac® Cosmeceuticals ensure total satisfaction and optimal visible results in skincare and skin rejuvenation. The longer you use this range, the more the quality of the skin improves.
Please visit for a full overview of the Dr Gobac(R) Cosmeceuticals range.
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