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What is a Health Coach?


In a nutshell, a Health Coach can be seen as a behaviour change specialist who helps you find the motivation and commitment to make long lasting lifestyle and behaviour changes in support of your health goals.

When do I need a Health Coach?

You would typically seek out a Health Coach when you are experiencing some form of health issue, be it weight gain, low energy, poor sleep or emotional eating.  Perhaps you are just challenged to find the time to prioritize your own health goals due to an unbalanced lifestyle. You may know what you want to achieve, but just lack the motivation and commitment and/or knowledge to get there. You have reached a point where you are unhappy with the status quo and change is now a must.

What does Health Coaching involve?

Health Coaching involves taking you through a process of change, helping you to understand where you are now and where you want to get to, i.e. your ideal wellness state. It involves helping you to identify and set SMARTER goals and then formulating a structured health plan of how to get there. All the while providing the necessary support, encouragement, health and lifestyle related education and accountability along the way. This ensures you don’t only achieve your goals, but you can and will maintain them in the long run.  Furthermore, we guide you to come up with strategies as you face the daily challenges and barriers that can throw you off course.

Why is behavioral change the key component to goal achievement?

Behavioural change is the most important aspect, as you cannot change your health in the long-term if you cannot change your habits and to a large degree your mind-set.

Most of us have a basic understanding of what to eat for good health; we know we should exercise, manage our stress and get sufficient sleep in order to be healthy. However, “knowledge” alone, is not enough to drive us in making healthier choices and create the motivation to take action. That’s why there is a strong focus on tools that deal with mindset, motivation and behavioural aspects, because our mindset, how we think, what we believe, learnt behaviour, truly understanding who we are and what is important to us, are just some of the dynamics of human behaviour that impact our ability to take action and change.

Why have I failed to keep the weight off in the long term or have not succeeded to reach my specific health goal?

Besides obvious factors like a sustainable eating plan that needs to be flexible and enjoyable enough to be incorporated into a lifestyle,  we often fail to achieve our goals as they become linked to willpower, which is not sustainable.  Further there is lack of SMARTER goal setting linked to a strong and powerful WHY.   It’s often not the “What” that is important but the “Why” that supports it.  Most of us want to lose the excess weight. Although that is the truth, what we really want is what that loss of weight will give us. It may be the confidence, the energy to spend more time with our kids or whatever other reason.  That is where the real link to commitment lies.

For a lot of us we live day to day on a set of auto-pilot patterns, often dealing with a sense of feeling overwhelmed and a shortage of time; juggling too many balls and failing to prioritize and sustain our goals in the long term.  New habits of any nature take time to change. Typically it takes 3 weeks to break a bad habit, 6 weeks to introduce a new one and 36 weeks to make it a lifestyle where we don’t have to consciously think about it. However, in today’s fast paced and online world, we have become wired to the desire for fast results and quick fixes. This hastiness more often than not, leads to short term results as most of us fail to consciously understand the process of change. Often we lack the support, encouragement and most importantly the accountability to make it happen.

Why would I need a maintenance package?

As change takes time and depending on the nature of your own healthy-journey starting point, some of us may require additional support and accountability to help keep us on track. This is until our new habits are fully integrated into our lifestyle.  Life will present ourselves with new challenges and barriers and we don’t always anticipate everything at once.  Our maintenance packages are structured to give you various options, depending on the level of support you feel you need going forward.


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