Hyperpigmentation, Age & Sun spotsHyperpigmentation

What do men and women deem to be the most important aspect of their skin?

Lately people of all races have become more aware of the importance of even skin tone, preceding issues like anti-aging & wrinkle reduction.

They realise that achieving good skin tone and clarity, sets the stage for further skin treatments like firming, lifting and tightening.

Therefore, the demand for skin treatments and lightening products to reduce Hyperpigmentation has increased over the last few years.

What is Hyperpigmentation and what causes it

What determines our skin colour?

The main pigment that determines skin colour and tone is melanin.  The chemistry, quantity, character, collection and distribution of this melanin are major factors that determine our individual skin tone and colour.  In humans, pigment in the skin and hair protects against harmful effects of sunlight.

What is Hyperpigmentation?

Often different areas of the skin can become darker than the surrounding skin, resulting in an uneven appearance.  This is called Hyperpigmentation.  The skin appears darker, blotchy in patches and uneven in colour and tone.  As a form of protection against influences like the sun and very hot foods, the deeper pigment produces excess deposits onto the skin.  Hyperpigmentation differs in depth and cause and is one of the most problematic conditions to treat.

Are all races affected by Hyperpigmentation?

It affects all skin colours and all races, although darker skin types tend to struggle more.  This may be partly due to people of colour believing they don’t need to wear a sun protection cream and/or having used harmful skin lightening products.  Latinos, amongst others, cite Hyperpigmentation as one of their top skin care concerns.

Can Hyperpigmentation be treated successfully

What influences Hyperpigmentation to form?

Sun exposure

The harmful rays of the sun are absorbed by melanin, but too much sun exposure causes the skin to produce dark spots as a means of protecting itself.  UVA & UVB rays are both harmful; UVA penetrates the deeper layers of skin and causes tanning.  However, both UVA & UVB rays can cause skin cancer, because they damage skin cells and alter their DNA.  Both types of rays also contribute to premature aging of the skin.

Hormonal fluctuations

Melasma is a very pedestrian form of dark spots and is also known as “pregnancy mask”.  It is caused by the female hormones oestrogen and progesterone. Pregnancies, the use of contraceptive pills and even hormone replacement therapy or HRT, are some of the more known causes of melasma in women.  Addison’s disease, also called Hypo-cortisolism where the adrenal glands do not produce enough hormones, can also cause Hyperpigmentation.

Skin Trauma

Injuries inflicted on the skin cause vigorous proliferation, or fertile ground for Hyperpigmentation to form.  Wounds such as scratches, abrasions, lacerations, waxing burns, excessive extractions, razor bumps from ingrown hairs and scars from acne blemishes are all causes for the pigment to darken in those areas. Darker skin tones are more susceptible to lingering dark spots caused by any trauma inflicted on the specific area/s.

Mezotix™ Procedure

What lifestyle changes should I make to reduce Hyperpigmentation?

Get into the habit of applying Sunscreen, like DR GOBAC® SPF 25 after your DR GOBAC® Starter Cream or Day Cream.

Stay out of the sun mainly between 12pm – 3pm.  If you are going to be exposed, wear a hat to protect your face.  Having regular very spicy or hot foods like curries and chilli based dishes, can intensify and even bring on Hyperpigmentation.  So be aware of this and cut down on the hot stuff!  The body reacts to excessive heat by increasing its melanin production.

Can Hyperpigmentation be treated successfully?

This is one of the most difficult skin conditions to treat and everybody’s pigmentation depth & damage is different.  Therefore it is imperative to visit The Goddess Factor Advanced Aesthetics Clinic for a complimentary personal consultation, to be assessed first hand by our highly qualified therapists.  We have had excellent results in treating Hyperpigmentation, without having to result to invasive methods like ablative lasering.  If you want results though, you have to be prepared to work closely with our Clinical team; be fastidious with the homecare we prescribe and be prepared to make some lifestyle changes that may be influencing and exacerbating the condition.

Reduced colour of pigmented areasImprovement in skin texturestimulation of Collagen & Elastin

What is The Goddess Factor’s treatment protocol for Hyperpigmentation?

Our philosophy is to treat holistically and non-invasively, so you will not experience any discomfort during the treatments.

We suggest Microdermabrasion, also called The Diamond Peel, where all dead skin cells are removed on a much deeper level to reduce sunspots, dark areas and other types of Hyperpigmentation.

We will alternate this treatment with Chemical Peels, be it Glycolic (mild) or Salycilic (for more stubborn Hyperpigmentation) to banish discoloration.  A prominent Beverley Hills, CA, Dermatologist maintains that chemical peels are powerful at speeding up results and removing deeper pigment.  Their potency can be manipulated to suit the type and depth of pigment.  However, not everybody is a candidate for a skin peel, therefore a personal consult with one of our well-trained therapists is imperative.

Home care is a vital part of successfully reducing Hyperpigmentation!

At The Goddess Factor we stock the iconic DR GOBAC® COSMECEUTICALS range of products that contains active ingredients.

It is important to use products from the same range to get maximum benefit, because they contain complementary substances.

Your skin care regime should start with either DR GOBAC® cleanser or Wash, followed by either Starter Cream – to be used Morning and Night (for hormonal fluctuations and skin breakouts) or Day Balance Cream and Night Lift.  These must be supplemented with more active ingredient Serums and Speciality products.

For Hyperpigmentation it is vital to use a skin lightening aid like DR GOBAC® Lighten. This is a new generation skin lightening product developed to target unwanted Hyperpigmentation.  It contains the natural lightening agent Arbutin found in botanical extract of Lemon Peel and Small Leaved Lime and although it is gentle and non-aggressive, it is highly effective in reducing dark spots and discoloration and is safe to use long term and during pregnancy.

Coupled with the above, DR GOBAC® Vitamin A Serum is ideal for more mature skin, mainly after the age of 35, but can be prescribed for younger, unhealthy skin.  It specifically targets sun damaged and Hyperpigmented skin. It is formulated to remobilise the skin’s own healing mechanism.  Bio-identical lipids found in Babasu seed, Avocado, Jojoba and Acai tree oils create a protective lipid layer and assist in restoring the skin’s acid mantle.  Retinyl Palmitate is UV Resistant and can therefore easily be absorbed into the deeper layers of the epidermis.  Wild Mango and Marula Seed Oil protect and repair whilst restoring the skin’s suppleness.

So, as always, The Goddess Factor Advanced Aesthetics has a solution for your Hyperpigmentation problem!

How do I prevent Hyperpigmentation and Skin cancer

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