Meet Our People

You deserve the best in Skin Rejuvenation & Clinical Body Sculpting without resorting to invasive surgical procedures. We invite you to be pampered and uplifted in our upmarket, technology-driven clinic; a mere stone’s throw away from Sandton and Pretoria.

Lynnmari Kastner - Owner, The Goddess Factor, Midrand

Lynnmari Kastner

Executive Goddess

Lynn is a Cosmetics Marketing & Promotions Entrepreneur who loves animals and traveling.

The Goddess Factor® Advanced Aesthetics was borne from a passion ignited for the aesthetics industry after attending anti-aging conferences in Paris, as long ago as 2005.

Her dream was to create a state-of-the-art niche market boutique  Medical
Aesthetics Clinic with a Holistic approach;  set in a luxurious and private environment, using European CE approved cutting edge technology.

She believes every man and woman have the God(dess) factor within them!

Her motto in life is – WWJD…What Would Jesus Do?


Douwlene Hermon, Eyelash & Eyebrow Specialist & Reflexologist

Ferisanne Naidoo

Somatology Goddess

Feri holds a Diploma in Somatology from Hydro International College as well as a CIDESCO International Diploma in Somatology.

Her experience working with clients and treating the body holistically whilst doing her training, has been an excellent grounding for her work as an all-round therapist at The Goddess Factor®.
Her love for treating people on a prophylactic level came to life when she started volunteering at New Kensington Hospital, offering patients an escape from their hospital beds and giving them a sense of wellbeing.   She is a true believer in meridians and the energy flow which dictates how the body functions.

She is an animal lover and enjoys the outdoors.  Feri loves spending time with her family and friends and likes baking and making warm cooked meals.

Her strong faith and being a Youth Leader at House of Prayers in Edenvale dictates her motto: “You only get one chance, so take it.”

Douwlene Hermon, Eyelash & Eyebrow Specialist & Reflexologist

Nikki Wilson

Marketing Goddess

Our free-spirited marketing all-rounder Nikki Wilson, has consulted to The Goddess Factor® for several years.

Nikki has a Marketing Management & Research Diploma from UNISA and holds a Digital Marketing Diploma from The Red and Yellow Creative Business School as well as a Business Administration and Management Diploma from Varsity College.
As the owner of Brand Moon Marketing (BMM) – a boutique agency focusing on customized 360° Marketing Services – Nikki brings her skilled 15-year track record in Business Marketing where she has practiced and specialized in Strategy, Digital, Marketing Research, Content Marketing, PR, Creative Campaigns and Branding throughout her career.

One of Nikki’s life motto’s is: “Be the kind of person you would want to meet”

The Goddess Factor® team consults with BMM on marketing initiatives, including their Mix FM Radio Ads, Strategy and Digital/Social Media Channels.

Douwlene Hermon, Eyelash & Eyebrow Specialist & Reflexologist

Tessa Dreyer

Creative Goddess

Tessa holds a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Pretoria. She is a skilled Graphic Designer with a special eye for detail. Her creative work is her passion and her family is her life. She loves people, the arts, traveling, reading and walking Rascal, their Springer Spaniel.

Her motto is: Failure is not an option!

Douwlene Hermon, Eyelash & Eyebrow Specialist & Reflexologist

Peter H Kastner

“Mr Money Penny”

Peter is a detribalised Austrian and hotel college graduate, who operated and managed hotels and casino resorts in Southern Africa and Australasia for several decades, before setting up his own businesses in hotel marketing and airline catering.

More recently he has involved himself with the family’s wine, flower & hospitality farm in Stanford, Western Cape, whilst also assisting wife Lynn with the administration and financial management of The Goddess Factor® Advanced Aesthetics Clinic.

Coleen McCann, Training Executive - The Goddess Factor, Midrand

Dr Robert Gobac – M.D.

Expert Skin & Health Advisor to The Goddess Factor®

Dr. Robert Gobac, a Medical Doctor and Practitioner of Integrated Medicine, has been involved with healing people for most of his life.

The key to DR GOBAC Cosmeceuticals® progressive approach to skincare lies in
Dr Gobac’s extensive knowledge of skin histology and cosmetic chemistry. This translates into the brand’s focus being on sourcing and using the most carefully selected advanced ingredients.

This nature-inspired product range is unique in the way that it combines a wealth of natural ingredients and plant extracts from all over the world with state-of-the-art technologically-advanced concepts of modern science.
It’s the perfect coupling for promoting over-all skin health.

Dr. Gobac is passionate about delivering the best quality skincare products on the market in a healthy and sustainable way. Product effectiveness and safety are never compromised.

Emphasis is placed on the value of peptides, as they are the most natural stimulators of fibroblast cells in the dermis which lead to the production of collagen.

‘With the intelligent use of polypeptides, it is possible to “wake up” and boost collagen repair mechanisms; slowing down and even reversing the process of aging’ says Dr. Robert Gobac.

DR GOBAC Cosmeceuticals® are non-invasive, non-aggressive products that offer a healthy approach to combating visible signs of aging. The range stimulates and facilitates the skin’s own natural healing process.

Dr Gobac is an animal lover and products are most definitely not tested on animals.

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