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Silver Genesis

Leaders is Nano Silver Technology

A potent formula of Colloidal Silver, Lavender oil, Carrot oil, Seaweed extract and Aloe vera that can be used for insect bites, nappy rash, scratches, burns, sunburn, skin cancer, shingles, dry skin, acne, eczema… almost every skin irritation you can think of! Soothes and moisturises inflamed & itchy skin. It is completely safe for all ages and highly effective.

It is Electro-magnetically energized and is Anti-bacterial, Anti-viral and Anti-fungal.

For sores, boils, ulcers, lesions, bed sores, warts moles etc.

In the case of an isolated area where a strip of gauze – held in place by a light bandage – or band aid can be applied, saturate the gauze or band aid pad with Silver Gel or Liquid and apply. For best results, this can be applied overnight before going to bed. Keep the gauze or pad moist with Electro Colloidal Silver for as long as necessary. Older or sick folk who are bedridden or disabled will especially benefit from Electro Colloidal Silver.