Facial rejuvenation and Body contouring

Through the use of our cutting edge Safyre Radio Frequency device, we are able to conduct the expert processes of facial rejuvenation and body contouring; both of which are top priority aesthetic treatments for modern women in South Africa.

Facial rejuvenation: Safyre RF produces warmth at dermic level which encourages collagen production and elastin augmentation. This ultimately results in tighter, firmer, lifted skin as well as wrinkle reduction. Take complete care of your skin and keep it beautiful for longer with this facial rejuvenation treatment.

Body contouring: Unsightly cellulite can be eliminated by Safyre RF; ensuring professional body toning in a few easy sessions through reduction and removal of adipose tissue. Body therapy is vital in order to keep yourself looking fit and beach body ready. This process of body sculpting and renewal, is one of the best ways to reflect on the outside what you feel  on the inside!

We recommend 6 – 10 treatments per area of concern. Treatments should be scheduled once a week for face, which includes the neck and decollete & twice a week for other areas of the body.